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Theresa D'Alessandro, Founder/Director
Student Teacher Internships and Training Program
Teacher Training
We offer opportunities for our older students to assist in classes, to learn the lower school syllabi and teaching techniques and strategies for children.
After a two or more years of being a Teaching Assistant, at least 16 years of age, and exhibiting initiative and ability to command a class,they are given the opportunity to become a Student Teacher. A Student teacher may occasionally substitute for a faculty member or give Private Lessons. In some cases, a very experienced Student teacher may be given a class of their own to run with guidance from faculty. A student teacher is compensated for teaching a class. This is excellent activity and accomplishment to include on college applications.
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Fun for the entire family...

Created by Theresa D'Alessandro

Produced by

The School of Theatrical Dance

at The Waddell Theater NOVA Loudoun

21200 Campus Dr, Sterling, VA 20164
Christmas Eve at the Nutcracker Club, is a fanciful yet reverent sketch of Christmas Eve, set in a 1940's USO Hall, in the imaginary town of Rockwell. Featuring the talents of our youth and advanced dancers, as well as guest artists and singers, the show contains a variety of Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern dance; and a range of music from Tchaikovsky to Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman to Mannheim Steamroller.

Our story begins as Sergeant Kristopher bids farewell to his beloved wife to report for duty. Mist and Snow swirl gracefully across the landscape;and the Skaters glide around Rockwell pond. Party goers arrive for the Christmas Eve party at the Nutcracker Club. They are entertained by the Rockwell Dance Theater,featuring classical variations from the traditional Nutcracker Ballet;and treated to a medley of 40's songs by officers attending. Nurse Clara shares the classic, “The Night Before Christmas’ with the children. When left alone, Sergeant Kristopher reminisces of his girl back home.At the end of the evening, the guests exchange gifts, and leave the hall to the quiet of the glowing “Candelabra”.

But once the candles are out...the real fun begins! Mischievous elves scurry to fill the stockings. And the ornaments, toys and decorations come to life. Act II includes, the spicy Gingerbread Cookies, the Tinsel dance, as well as a powerful modern work to “Carol of the Bells. Finally, “Standing with Angels”, a choreographic tribute to the men and women of the armed services, who have sacrificed so much.

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 1pm and 5pm

Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 1pm

Tickets will be available soon through
2018 ANNUAL All Student Concert, June 17 & 18 Waddell Theater, NVCC Loudoun

We are delighted that you are joining us this year, as we prepare this full theatrical event for our students to share the craft they have studied all year, with an appreciative audience, and to further their full experience in this expressive art form.

We are fortunate to have a few talented parent volunteers helping with costumes and sets. And our faculty donates planning and rehearsal time as well as their organizational, choreographic, and costuming talents. However, there is often more work than they can handle. We will ask that you fill out a volunteer form, and will be in touch regarding how you can assist your child's class. We need at least one parent for each class to help with costume preparation and organization. If you are unable to volunteer, we ask that give a tax deductible donation in lieu of time, so we may compensate someone outside the studio for tailoring and/or costume construction.

Participation involves a fee separate from your tuition. This contributes to defraying the production costs, such as...
~hourly rental of the theater and dressing rooms for rehearsals and performances ~rental of parking lot~technician and design fees ~costume materials ~costume construction~construction and art supplies~backdrop rental or creation ~additional equipment rental~other production costs such as playbill printing, etc.The Base Family fee is $375. There is a Dressing Room attendant fee, $20 for younger students and a descending rate for additional dancers/ dances in a family, starting at $125 and ending at $75.

Attendance is always very important. Even more so when a student's presence directly affects the progress of classmates. The two weeks prior to the recitals include extra rehearsals. Advance notice allows us to accommodate the best we can, and consider whether participating is realistic. If your dancer is unable to be in the performance, we will gladly work with that student to make the most of this year of study. The skills we are practicing are not just for the show, and are important to the progress of every dancer. Students are on notice that if they miss more than 4 classes from February 15 on, without making an effort to catch up, their participation privilege will be withdrawn. As it will also, if they fail to attend Mandatory Rehearsals. This policy is ultimately in everyone's best interest. The ill prepared individual performer, as well as classmates. Most people experience a little stage fright. The practice in the theater furthers the dancer's preparation for the audience by making them more comfortable with the stage. Each class works as a team, for placement, timing, and visual cues. Every absence, every tardiness, every early departure affects the performance.

Late May – June 16 important group rehearsals will be ongoing (Rehearsal schedule may differ from regular classes. A Rehearsal Calendar will be emailed to you or handed out in class.)

Seats are numbered and reserved Will be handled online through Tututix. More information to come.

DVD Filmed by Videomasters maybe ordered directly. Please contact Abby Sternberg at:

COSTUMES Are studio property and are provided from our inventory. We either refurbish existing costumes, or construct new, depending on needs and the recital theme. In April, this packet contains everything else you need to know.