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Tidal Dance
SOTD student, Christa Medici in grand jete’ at the Cherry Blossoms! Photo by Lisa Medici

The early years address control over the larger superficial muscle groups, but as training continues, and dancers mature, they tune in to the inner musculature. This allows for an ever increasing refinement in execution. The dancer’s entire being is integrated with breath, focus and intent of motion clearly defined. Ultimately the art is in the detail, the nuance, the emotion.
Class placement is determined by Faculty evaluation of a child’s gross motor development, emotional maturity, attention span, muscle tone and coordination.
Classes are sequential, building lesson to lesson.
Regular attendance is important and part of the commitment expected when students enroll. Too many absences will not only frustrate the child, but will also impede the progress of the entire class.
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Dance Type

Description and detail

Pre-Ballet & Creative Movement

For ages 3 to 5, several sessions are offered throughout the year, and include ballet story time, creative movement, first steps towards balance, coordination, rhythm, song and dance, and dance vocabulary. These are non-performance classes, with parental participation encouraged in Creative Movement, Ballet, and Tap (Formerly Twinkletoes). An entertaining Open House for family and friends is held at the end of each Pre-School Ballet session. (See More…)

Classical Ballet

For ages 5 and up, our Ballet program adheres to, and supplements, the Royal Academy Syllabus (Pre-Primary through Grade 8) with elements of Vaganova (Russian) and Cecchetti (Italian) techniques. We do not administer examinations. Students are consistently evaluated for posture, alignment, hip rotation, lengthening of the leg, stretch of the foot, shape of the arms and hands, eye line, muscle tone, flexibility, expressiveness, musicality and learning style. If they are demonstrating a serious commitment, they are recommended to move on to the higher levels. (See More…)


For ages 5 and up, our Tap program provides the universal elements of Tap with exposure to Musical Theater Broadway styles of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers; Rhythm as in Savion Glover; and, the old-school Hoofer styles of greats such as Bill Robinson and the Nicholas Brothers.
Introduction to Tap for children is offered in combination classes. See Classes PBT1 and PBT2. (See More…)


For 3rd Grade and up, 0ur Jazz program incorporates Traditional Broadway Style Technique, Musical Theater and Lyrical with the street styles of Hip Hop and Funk. Students will study at the same level for a minimum of two years. The Challenge Level Jazz is provided for the serious dancer enrolled in Ballet technique classes twice a week, or having completed through Level VI Ballet, taking Ballet Barre or Conditioning (if offered) and an additional Jazz or Modern class. During rehearsal season, classes may be combined for warm-up and rehearsal. (See More…)

Élevétion Classes

For 5th Grade and up, intermediate through Advanced Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern for 5th grade & up. These are select classes for students for whom dance is their primary activity. Students are invited to participate in the December concert, “Christmas Eve at the Nutcracker Club” and must be available for extra rehearsals on weekends.(See More…)

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

For 6th Grade and up, provided for the serious dancer enrolled in Ballet, these students must have had one year of Level V Ballet, and pass the Pointe Eligibility Test (details available upon request). Enrollment in two Ballet technique classes in addition to Pre-Pointe or Pointe Class, and at least one other class (which may be Ballet Conditioning, Jazz or Modern) is required. (See More…)


Provided for the serious dancer enrolled in Ballet technique classes twice a week, having completed through Level One year of Level V Ballet, our Modern/Contemporary program is based on the syllabi of Martha Graham and Jose Limon, supplemented by Lester Horton with Post Modern and Lyrical Elements. (See More…)


Partnering is offered as private coaching or as a workshop for students with strong Ballet training. (See More…)

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered by faculty and student teachers. This is an excellent way for the late beginner, or the student who has missed a few years of training, to get caught up to grade level. (Contact Us…)