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Dance Instruction in Great Falls, VA

Dance Instruction
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The School of Theatrical Dance in Great falls, VA dedicated to providing responsible, careful and thorough instruction for all our students, giving them the tools they need to take dance to any level. Our instructors are particularly analytical; and extremely skilled at identifying the specific needs of each student. Whether a student has the dream of pursuing a full time career in the dance field, or feels that dance is an important enriching part of their lives, we recognize that every student has something to offer the arts, and vice versa.
Our classes for young children are fun and creative, while at the same time instructive. The level of focus and commitment we demand from our students increases with the child's age. Though we realize a dance career may not be the initial goal of a student, it would be irresponsible for us not to consider the possibility and provide solid professional training to every child. Consequently, we require an increasing number of weekly classes as students progress to the upper levels. This is the only way to maintain the fundamental principles of placement and line, and develop the elements needed for more advanced work.
Student Doing Warm Up — Dance Classes in Great Falls, VA
The heart of a dancer is born into many different bodies; and each dancer is called by a different musical voice. However, we advocate the study of Classical Ballet as a foundation, to instill an awareness of posture, placement and precision. Ballet's methodical exercises provide the infrastructure of solid technique for the developing dancer, from which they may branch out to other genres. Generally, our graduates are college bound. However, they are well prepared, should they so choose, to pursue the arts professionally.

We have alumni working as dance professionals, teachers, actors, choreographers, and creative well as graphic designers, engineers and doctors. Wherever it takes them, it has become clear that the discipline, focus and artistic enlightenment of dance spills over to every other endeavor.

We urge each student to strive daily for improvement, as well as to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork in the classroom.
Performance Opportunities
The School of Theatrical Dance offers all students, with the exception of those in the pre-ballet program, (which has an in-studio open house), the opportunity to participate in the year-end recital. We carefully craft dances that challenge students, while showcasing their strengths.

Our upper-level students also perform in our original winter production, "Christmas Eve at the Nutcracker Club."
View Our You Tube Video "Christmas Eve at the Nutcracker Club."
Personal Dance Training
Private lessons are an excellent way to make up for lost time, fine tune specific skills or learn a new dance form. Our faculty is dedicated to providing individualized, quality instruction and is trained in classical, as well as contemporary dance forms. This enables them to guide our students into the most satisfying pursuits.The methodical exercises that ballet prescribes help to instill a thorough understanding of the body's movement potential. We evaluate students and help them find their niche in dance. For some, ballet will be their passion, and for some, it will serve as the foundation on which they will build other techniques, such as modern, jazz, or tap.
Fitness Classes
Our large, window-filled studio lends itself to a completely satisfying workout.
Low impact Aerobics with Linda Mclean
Have fun while strengthening and stretching in a friendly and supportive environment. Class includes low-impact, and no-impact cardio.

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Samsara Yoga with Ranjana Chawla
to enroll contact Ranjana at
Core/Stretch and Sculpt with Jenn Mastran TBA
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