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Belles Vocal

Jess Dovens and Lisa Medici, Belles Directors

Jess Dovens and Lisa Medici have teamed up to bring life to the SOTD Belles, our fledgling vocal and theatrical ensemble. With over 20 years of professional singing and theatrical experience spanning across the country, Jess is happy to have found a place to drag her long-suffering husband Adam on stage with her and a new home with the SOTD family. Lisa Medici has spent a lifetime expressing herself through music. A dedicated and talented dancer who honed her theatrical chops at USC before returning to Virginia, Lisa provides invaluable experience and perspective to any SOTD ensemble. Together, Jess and Lisa are thrilled to donate their time to provide a safe place for our students to grow and explore a different avenue of performance.

Th 6:30PM to 7PM

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