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The Jerene Elizabeth Thomas “JET” Dance Scholarship:

The Jerene Elizabeth Thomas “JET” Dance Scholarship has been established in memory of Ms. D’Alessandro’s mother. Jerene was instrumental in supporting the founding of SOTD, as well as working as Costume Designer and Managing Director for many years. Jerene was a caring and generous person, whose love of the arts and knowledge of music, literature and theater were great inspiration to our programming. She will always be in our hearts, in the audience and on the stage with us in some way.

Applicants must be in high school, have studied at SOTD for a minimum of five years and plan to enroll in five or more classes (Ballet counts as two). The application process will involve completing a simple application form, an interview, and a brief 1 minute solo in the genre(s) of the applicant’s choice.

In addition to basic information, the application will ask the following:

    • Why you think dance is important for you and for society in general.
    • How or what do you think you have contributed to your fellow dancers.
    • Do you think you have exhibited preparedness and reliable attendance.
    • Do you see dance remaining a part of your life after high school.
    • What other interests do you have outside of dance.
    Awarded bi-annually